About Us

Who are we?

Comm-Tech provides IT support services to business, charities, non-profit organisations and community groups. We help people and communities share the benefits of the information age, and we have been carrying out our charitable work across London for more than twenty years. From the outset, Comm-Tech’s main goal was to empower people through technology in order to alleviate inequality. This was underpinned by a mission to provide individuals with technological choice and IT skills no matter what their income or background while actively minimising environmental damage.

Open source

We promote open source software and open standards so people can share information and communicate freely, because the benefits of information technology belong to everyone.

In it for the long run

Comm-Tech has grown because we value long term customer relationships over a profit-centred approach. For many of our clients, Comm-Tech is the longest-serving employee.

Transparency and accountability

Our clients trust Comm-Tech. Our approach is about working together, using plain language and keeping customers informed about the work we do for them.

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