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Alan Buchel
Operations Manager

Alan started programming on the 8-bit Apple Lisa and Spectrum ZX81 in the early 1980s. After studying Psychology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa he moved to the UK and worked on programming and database development for Citibank, Lloyds and The Prince’s Trust. Seeing the need to improve access to technology and the internet in the non-profit and voluntary sector, Alan co-founded The Community Technology Project to reclaim, refurbish and redistribute discarded corporate IT equipment to community groups and small charities.
Contact Alan at alan@comm-tech.org.

Andy Lim
Chief Windows Engineer

Andy has been with Comm-Tech since 2005, and is currently our Senior Windows Technology Engineer specialising in Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Active Directory and Office365 integration.

Mark Anthony
Chief Linux Engineer

Mark come from a programming background, working with us initially on developing software for our refurbished computers, moving into an IT Support role in 2015. Mark is our Chief Linux Engineer and Kopano specialist.

Maria Sharapova
IT Support Engineer

Maria joined Comm-Tech in 2016 with a background in web development and previously worked in the oil industry as analyst and consultant. Her greatest achievements were coordinating the implementation of a framework agreement under which TNK-BP could access technology specialists outside of Russia, and securing Computer Aid International with VSAT Global to raise awareness of the high cost of internet in Africa. Her passion is the sharing of technological knowledge enjoyed by the corporates with local community organisations.
Contact Maria at maria@comm-tech.org

Vanessa Price-Frankson
Accounts and Compliance Manager

Vanessa, a bookkeeper with 20 years of experience, joined Comm-Tech part-time in 2012, and has since overhauled the company’s financial recording systems. She also works with a diverse range of other clients, from a children’s nursery to a high-end property developer.



Mark Gensler
Trustee and Technical Adviser

Mark became involved with technology at the tender age of five while
working in a Japanese pencil factory.

After studying mathematics at university, Mark has ten years’ experience in the financial software industry as both provider and client. He is currently a self-employed web applications’ developer when not hacking for Comm-Tech.

Alex Deriziotis
Trustee and technical adviser

After cutting his teeth at Comm-Tech building their early Linux-based server platforms in 2005, Alex moved on to developing software that delivers large-scale web applications and services. He has now returned to us as a valuable trustee and highly experienced volunteer.

Michael Parker
Trustee, company secretary and marketing adviser

Michael is former Associate Editor at The Big Issue in London, and now an editor at The Conversation; a media outlet where academics write short pieces for non-specialist audiences, bringing their expertise to better inform the public on issues of the day. Prior to entering journalism Michael worked in technology as a web designer, engineer and systems administrator, including a stint at Comm-Tech in the early 2000s. He retains an interest in Linux and open source software, digital rights, privacy and surveillance.

Denise Lissenden
Trustee and adviser

A former deputy headteacher at a London secondary school, Denise has been an invaluable source of advice and support to Comm-Tech, as a friend, volunteer, and trustee.

David Chabbi
Trustee and adviser

Building on university qualifications in technology and more than 10 years working professionally in IT, David joined as trustee and advisor in 2015. David is a specialist in online services provision.


James Joseph
Technical Adviser

James joined Comm-Tech in 2011 and spent five years developing our cloud desktops and Kopano systems. He moved on to Amazon in 2016 but still remains a loyal volunteer providing advanced networking support to our engineers.