Cloud and server hosting services

Hosting Services

We host on the appropriate platform using servers located in both UK and continental datacentres. Hosted services include:

Google G-Suite

      • (email and groupware)

Microsoft Exchange

      • (email and groupware)


      • (email and groupware) (Kopano was previously known Zarafa)
      • Virtual private networking (VPN)


      • (file sharing and cloud storage)


      • or


    • (web servers)

We also offer migration services to assist companies in moving to cloud hosting.

Secure, private and encrypted services

Although many of the big cloud providers (Google for Business, Office 365 and Dropbox) are free or low-cost to charities, we work with a number of organisations whose data is too sensitive for cloud storage with these providers, or else they simply don’t provide the support or features our clients need, such as VPN, shared mailboxes, user support or encryption.

Comm-Tech build, maintain and support bespoke, secure private servers to cater to these needs. Our support is integrated into the hosting so the client only has only one call to make to get things done. Our engineers have passed stringent police checks and can be trusted to look after your data as carefully as you would.

OwnCloud filehost

A dedicated server deal for teams with workers in the field with limited internet connectivity who need to work on files offline. Offline files when changed are synchronised back to the server as soon connectivity is restored to your device. Files can be selectively shared with the public via email links, and links can be password protected. From £1 per GB per year + Affiliate fee.

Linux/Kopano Virtual Office

Our Virtual Office platforms run a self-contained server equivalent to the one you would have in the office. Using Kopano groupware they host email, contact and calendar services and using OpenVPN you can collaborate on files securely. Users can work efficiently from anywhere they are online using almost any OS platform and organisations avoid all costs and risks associated with keeping an on-premises server. The service is bundled with a Proactive support package. From £220 per month, 500GB space including Proactive support.

We also build hybrid solutions allowing office networks to continue to take advantage of Linux-based domain workstation management through Samba in addition to benefiting from cloud integration.

Microsoft Windows Server + Exchange

Providing Exchange and VPN services securely via the web. We also design and build hybrid solutions allowing the office network to continue to utilise the advantages of Active Directory domain workstation management in addition to benefiting from Cloud integration. From £280 per month including Proactive support.


Specialist, highly secure systems running custom applications for the hosting of very sensitive information. For more informtion, contact us.