IT Consultancy Services

Experience and professionalism

You know Honest George the veteran mechanic under the railway arch who can know whats wrong with your car by just listening to it? He can do that because he’s spent tens of thousands of hours working with all manner of engines and he has seen it all. He loves his work, he enjoys challenges and George know that for any problem he hasn’t come across before he can rely on common sense derived from his experience and his instinct for mechanics.

Comm-Tech are a bit like that with technology. Our 23 years experience working with all hardware technologies from SCSI-based servers to the latest EC2-based super servers, large and small network deployments, telecommunications and internet, office moves, data migrations, bespoke software development, security breaches and patches, encryption technologies, email clients, email servers, proprietary and open source software, Office 365, G-Suite, i-Cloud, Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, IOS and everything else geeks love to handle have given us the best tool to solve almost any IT pickle – experience. And of course, we just love what we do!

Whether it’s managing a migration to cloud, moving offices, budgeting a 5-year IT development plan, sourcing new hardware, developing a high-security internet app, we can not only help, but we can help you to understand what help you need.


Computer upgrades and re-installations
Hardware purchasing advice
Software licensing
Support tenders writing
IT project management
IT infrastructure design and planning
Virus recovery / removal
IT strategy planning and budgeting
Penetration testing
Server hardening and forensic work
Security breach analyses and reporting