Sharepoint/Office 365
& Google Apps migrations

Experience is everything

Comm-Tech has many years’ experience planning, conducting and supporting email and data migrations from local servers to Google for Business and Office 365/Sharepoint services.

Make sure it’s right for you

Choosing to host your data in the Cloud has many advantages but also some significant drawbacks, so it may not be for you. Be well informed before you decide because it’s hard to go back! Further reading: Help! Cloud Hosting

Our approach to a migration is about careful planning, ensuring data integrity and keeping user disruption to an absolute minimum. we can manage the entire job for you, or just help with project planning, licensing or simply provide high level tech support along the way. If you plan to do this alone then plan it very carefully, pitfalls ahead there are many, and mistakes can be very, very messy!

Our method

Every scenario is different but the process is broadly as follows:

  1. Define host and licensing strategy
  2. Ensure DNS access
  3. Assess source data and scope amount of data to be migrated
  4. Plan migration schedule and strategy
  5. Conduct risk assessment and user-impact assessment
  6. Acquire licenses and configure hosting back-end
  7. Test source data credentials and conduct test migrations
  8. Switch MX records and disable delivery to source server
  9. Conduct and monitor bulk migration
  10. Audit logs and compare source and destination data
  11. Troubleshoot and complete failed migrations
  12. Assist users in transition to new interfaces.


Conducting a typical migration of a dozen mailboxes containing 100GB of email costs around £2000, including a 6 month Proactive Support arrangement to assist your users in managing the change.

If you have some IT expertise in house already and they can be our hands onsite, we can reduce these costs .

We also host build and maintain bespoke secure private servers using ownCloud or Kopano (Linux) and MS Exchange (Windows).