Fee structure

COMM-TECH are a non-profit organisation and aim for complete transparency in our costs and processes. Our invoices are broken down into cost areas, the income from which are allocated to the appropriate resources within the organisation.

User Support (Level 1 and 2)

Represents the amount of time that we expect to spend in an average month supporting your users. In reality we often spend quite a bit more time than this and the excess is covered by your Affiliate fee. Level 1 is direct user support, Level 2 is an “expert” level support ordinarily to our named liaison person in your organisation (usually your IT Manager) who has the expertise to provide Level 1 support directly to your users. In situations where the named liaison person is unavailable we provide Level 1 support directly to users.

Server Maintenance

The cost of maintaining your server, covering systems management, server performance and monitoring.

Server Lease

The ongoing managed lease costs for your server.

Hosting services

Hosting services we provide such as Cloud Servers, Data Cloud Backup space, anti-spam, online failover systems, websites.

Affiliate Fees (or Charity Base Subscription)

Qualifies a charity to receive our services at a discounted rate. This fee also provides a buffer for extra support time needed over and above that predicted (such as during unexpected spikes), keeps costs of project work down and reduces the potentially high costs of an emergency. The Affiliate fee ensures that we can have engineers on duty in all business hours to provide support whenever it is needed.

These fees are determined by a combination of annual turnover and number of users. The following turnover groups form a primary guide to this fee:

  1. TIER 1: £1m+ @ £200 per month
  2. TIER 2: £350k-1m @ £150 per month
  3. TIER 3: Up to 350k @ £100 per month
  4. TIER 4: Small (staffed purely by volunteers) organisations @30-80 per month